WhatsApp Chatbots in Healthcare Industry Top 9 Benefits

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benefits of chatbots in healthcare

Chatbots can send personalised messages to each of your customers based on the content they want. Chatbots will generate quality leads for you, and you need not be told that leads mean potential customers. In fact, you may only need to spend a little bit over $10 a month to get access to all the full advantages of chatbots from some chatbot builders like Zebrabuzz and the likes.

benefits of chatbots in healthcare

But, as we move forward, we must remember that medical chatbots should be offered as a complement, not a replacement, to face-to-face interactions with healthcare professionals. As we balance the allure of AI and the need to protect people’s health, medical chatbots have the potential to improve access to health information—especially when it comes to health issues people typically don’t like to discuss. Chatbots can encourage people to seek help sooner and talk openly about their health. Issues of data privacy and the potential for chatbots to generate false information underscore the need for a careful approach when deploying chatbots into healthcare. Early negative experiences with medical chatbots could damage trust, limiting the public’s willingness to engage. This article discusses medical chatbots, underlining their potential to reshape the healthcare landscape.

Though currently flawed, AI chatbots hold promise in medicine

Almost all of these platforms have vibrant visuals that provide information in the form of texts, buttons, and imagery to make navigation and interaction effortless. However, humans rate a process not only by the outcome but also by how easy and straightforward the process is. Similarly, conversations between men and machines are not nearly judged by the outcome but by the ease of the interaction. This concept is described by Paul Grice in his maxim of quantity, which depicts that a speaker gives the listener only the required information, in small amounts.

  • Patients don’t need to call the clinic or spend time navigating the website to find the information they need.
  • Informative chatbots provide helpful information for users, often in the form of pop-ups, notifications, and breaking stories.
  • However, one of the key elements for bots to be trustworthy—that is, the ability to function effectively with a patient—‘is that people believe that they have expertise’ (Nordheim et al. 2019).
  • Luckily, AI chatbots in healthcare can also be used for helping with mental health issues.
  • Although the guidance chatbots offer is usually correct and scientifically supported, it will be a computer program speaking back to the users, usually in the shape of a nice character, to facilitate their ability to communicate.

The findings from previous work suggested that the more severe a participant’s symptoms were, the more they desired reminders and suggestions from the system [74,83]. A detailed overview of features related to chatbot-based mental health apps found in our study. Criteria of features related to chatbot-based mental health apps used in our study. For this research purpose, we chose 10 commercially available mobile MH apps that have built-in chatbot features. All these apps, except Elomia, are available on the 2 most popular platforms (Apple App Store and Google Play Store).

Chatbots in Health Care

A survey on Omaolo (Pynnönen et al. 2020, p. 25) concluded that users were more likely to be in compliance with and more trustworthy about HCP decisions. Overall, there is a need for a better understanding of how all mobile MH services can and should encourage the safe and ethical use of chatbots [14]. Although a handful of studies have shown the potential benefits of MH chatbot apps, users’ real-life experiences and challenges are not yet well understood [22]. A user-centric analysis will also assist researchers in mapping an evidence-based framework for the proposed intervention and minimizing the psychological effects of such treatments.

benefits of chatbots in healthcare

It even gets better when using chatbots like Zebrabuzz that offer up to 95% open rates; a big advantage that chatbots offer you. One of the biggest advantages your chatbot can offer you is being there to engage customers at any time of the day, week, month, or year. The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota has been experimenting with large language models, such as Google’s medicine-specific model known as Med-PaLM, starting with basic tasks such as filling out forms.

Patient feedback collection

They can provide information, guidance, and support to individuals in remote or underserved areas where access to healthcare facilities is limited. This is particularly significant in the context of telemedicine, where chatbots can serve as the first point of contact for patients. Although AI chatbots are designed to provide medical information and assistance, the risk of misdiagnosis or inaccurate advice remains. The chatbots may not always symptoms, which could result in various unpleasant consequences. This usually happens when they are trained using bad and flawed data or when they cannot identify if a patient exaggerates or undermines their symptoms. By asking questions and having conversations with patients, chatbots can collect their information.

  • While we acknowledge that the benefits of chatbots can be broad, whether they outweigh the potential risks to both patients and physicians has yet to be seen.
  • It can be done through various channels, such as text messages, voice calls, and social media.
  • A Chatbot can be trained to provide assistance to the mental health of the patient.
  • Most chatbots (we are not talking about AI-based ones) are rather simple and their main goal is to answer common questions.

All these apps are extremely popular in terms of both the number of downloads and the number of ratings. Thus, we can assume that a comprehensive overview of these apps can assist in understanding the perspectives of a wide and diverse user base. We created scraping scripts using the Python Selenium library to collect the public user reviews of the 10 apps that were accessible from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. User reviews can illustrate examples of user satisfaction and dissatisfaction with app features. Reviews are therefore recognized as an important source of information to gain insights into the real-life use of mobile apps [20]. Following the work of Haque et al [23] on analyzing user reviews of mobile MH apps, we used the 2 following inclusion criteria for filtering to extract recent and crucial user feedback for the apps.

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Talk to the bot? An AI chatbot may be your next therapist.

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