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It’s one of the oldest Gameboy emulators on the internet, but don’t let it’s age put you off. On this website you can find online emulators to play retro & classic video games completely for FREE. A new bonus dungeon, the Palace of the Four Sword, was added and can be found on the eastern side of the Pyramid of Power.

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  • There’s even an option to keep track of how many lines you’ve seen out of the entire script.
  • You must use Like Likes for the Mirror Shield as it cannot be stolen by other enemies.

PC Times Exclusive Level – Also includes two small TR-based puzzle games. Keep in mind that Cave Story Deluxe adds nothing new to Cave Story that wasn’t already present. It just houses a interactive soccer games bunch of extra stuff under one installer.

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Once you have the rod, you can escape through the doorway below, by aiming the Hookshot at one of the statues in the lower corners. Once you exit through entrance A, you’ll need to make your way back to entrance D again.Entrance D revisitedYour task here is simple. Even though there is a fair bit to explore to the left of the room connected to entrance D, all that you are really required to do is walk two rooms to the left and exit through entrance F. Once you’re back outside, you will walk up through the left ribcage tunnel, to entrance H, where you will see a large skeleton-like structure.

The only way to get a perfect score in the SNES version is either to complete the game in a single session or pause the game and leave it running if you need to take a break. There is no reason to know that this hole will drop you down a level, unless you really pay attention to the map layout. The missing Dwarven Swordsmith who works near Kakariko ended up in the Dark World trapped as a frog within a wall of heavy stones.


During Link’s time, the vast Light World included a variety of terrain and climates, ranging from a desert in the southwest to a swamp in the south to foreboding mountains in the north. Society centered around Hyrule Castle, near the center of the land. Wall eyes are enchanted images that are painted on some of the walls of dungeons in the Death Mountain of the Dark World. Some eyes are compelled to fire at whenever someone is looking at them while others are only compelled to fire when they see that someone is not looking at them. In order to avoid the beams they emit, you must figure out which type of eye you’re looking at.

Today, you too can start playing your favorite retro games on any Android device you have at your disposal. All you need to do is to download an emulator and game ROMs to become the coolest retro-gamer that ever lived. There are lots of exciting games for Android; still, over time we get bored playing the same type of games.

This is justified according to a nearby NPC, who states that the endless rain is the result of magic clouds, and only a stronger weather magic (i.e. the Ether Medallion) can blow them away. The Lost Woods is covered in some sort of mysterious fog , but that fog immediately breaks after Link claims the Master Sword. Justified, though, given that at the end the pure-hearted Link reaches the united Triforce and wills everything right.

You must proceed from this entrance, through the hallway, and into the Grand Hall above. However, in the hallway waits six chained up Terubeans who can whittle your health down quite rapidly – even with Red Mail on – if you’re not careful. It is possible, with a good running start, to safely dash up the left or right side of the hallway without receiving any damage, but this takes a little luck. Once you reach the grand hall, you are presented with four choices of doors, along with one magically sealed entrance at the top. This next room may appear to be a dead end, but the map clearly indicates rooms to the north and east of you. After defeating the Hokuboku, you can bomb both walls to make the entrances appear.